Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday Greetings

I would like to wish all of you the very best this holiday season.



Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Expand Your Coffee Experience

Had a really good cup of coffee this morning and you'll never guess home. Yep, made it myself and enjoyed every drop.
Some people think that you have to go to a fancy coffee shop to experience the exotic and unique in coffee this is simply not true.

With the emergence of online coffee houses and distributors you can experience almost any type of flavor or roast available right from your own "Casa De Coffee". A lot of companies are now offering discounts, specials, and or free shipping to entice you to enticed, smile.

Shop around, try something different and enjoy the experience.

Cups up everybody,


Cafe Britt

If you have been putting off buying that favorite coffee of yours or the one that sounded real good and you just want to give it a try, well here's your chance.
Cafe Britt is offering FREE shipping on all orders until August 14th! Take advantage of this limited time offer.

Cups up everybody,


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pure Vida Coffee

Sumatra, Ethiopia and Colombia Whole Bean Coffees. Fair Trade Certified; Certified Organic; Shade Grown. The origin of Pura Vida Coffee goes back more than a decade to a small coffee shop where we first dreamed of using business as a means to help at-risk children. And because Pura Vida specializes in Fair Trade organic coffee, you help farmers sustain their families and protect the environment with every cup you drink.

When you buy Pura Vida, you get more than a great cup of coffee. After searching the world for our premium beans, we carefully roast our Fair Trade coffee in small batches for unsurpassed flavor and fullness. We know and work directly with the farmers who grow our beans, and select only their best. Enjoy this special coffee and please share it with a friend!

Pura Vida Whole Bean Coffee, Variety Pack of 3 (Sumatra, Ethiopia, and Colombia), 12-Ounce Bags

Click the link above to enjoy some today!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Coffee Taster's Club

The Coffee Taster's Club

Hey Everyone,

This is a link to the coffee club I told you about on our FB group.
All feedback welcome.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Starbucks Coffee 1-lb. Extra Bold Starbucks® Coffees Gold Coast Blend Coffee, Gold Coast Blend, Whole Bean

Starbucks Coffee 1-lb. Extra Bold Starbucks® Coffees Gold Coast Blend Coffee, Gold Coast Blend, Whole Bean

We created our biggest and most flavorful blend in 1987 to commemorate our first store opening in Chicago. Gold Coast Blend is a sophisticated coffee with waves of flavor that evolve as the coffee cools. More about this coffee: This full-bodied blend showcases our finest Latin American and Asia Pacific coffees, accented with a touch of Italian Roast's sweetness. Now all Starbucks coffees are at your fingertips - is the online resource for all Starbucks coffees. Buy Starbucks coffees - whole bean, ground, pods, caffeinated, decaf, single-origin, espressos, blends, organic, promotional/holiday/seasonal blends and Black Apron Exclusives - easily and conveniently, delivered to your home or office.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jamaica Blue Mountain: Mavis Bank Estate Coffee 1 lb Whole Bean

Jamaica Blue Mountain: Mavis Bank Estate This is not a blend. 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Renowned as the world's greatest coffee Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is a real treat. This crop is no exception.
We roast this delicate coffee to a medium degree so as not to lose the tropical floral notes and superb sweetness. Great body, nutty, mild acidity with a hint of Island fruit and chocolate. Do not miss the opportunity to try this great coffee.

Sold by: Jersey Shore Coffee Roasters

To Purchase Click Here : Jamaica Blue Mountain: Mavis Bank Estate Coffee 1 lb Whole Bean

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Lunch Experience

This is a little abnormal for this blog but I just had the best lunch experience I think ever.
The restaurant is called"Spanky's Diner", yes after the little rascal of the same name, and I'm telling you the food and service were outstanding.

The portions were huge as were the smiles, my waitress/entertainment Denise was wonderful, so lively and attentive...did I mention funny, but then "that's just how she rolls", smile.

I had people coming over to the table with her telling jokes and April Fool pranks that had been pulled,one of the owners, Heather, came out to meet me, it was great. The atmosphere was warm, the dining area was clean and welcoming...oh by the way did I mention how good the food

I took the liberty of sharing some pictures..I hope you enjoy them but you really have to experience this for your self. Next time you're in this area, stop by, you'll be glad you did.

Spanky's Diner
219 South Main Street
Broken Arrow,Ok

PS: The coffee was pretty good too...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Coffee Maker Profile

Cuisinart DCC-1200 12-Cup Brew Central Coffeemaker

Retro-style, brushed stainless-steel coffeemaker brews 12 5-ounce cups
24-hour clock/timer for wake-up coffee; brew-pause; programmable shut-off
1-to-4- or 5-to-12-cup brewing options provide maximum flavor; GoldTone filter
Charcoal water filter; decalcification indicator; heat-adjustable warming plate
Measures 14-1/4 by 8 by 10-3/4 inches; 3-year warranty against defects
For more information click on the link above.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Java Dave's Tulsa, OK

The origin of the "Java Dave's Coffee House" is an original American success story. For decades, the Neighbors family has been roasting award winning coffees from around the world.

Our gourmet coffee is produced from 100% Arabica beans selected from altitudes between 2,000 and 4,000 feet. Upon their arrival at our roastery in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the beans are hand roasted and flavored. Our specialized roasting and flavoring produces a final product ranging in color from a light American roast, to our darkest French Roast, and boasts award winning "Snickerdelicious" and "Frangelico Creme" among other sensational flavors.

With an exceptional line of products and an observable increase in demand for gourmet coffee, the Neighbors family knew it was time to expand their vision. In preparation, they developed a unique line of beverages ranging from mochas and lattes, to cappuccinos and cocoas.

In 1988, the first retail store in Tulsa, Oklahoma opened under the Neighbors Quality House Coffee name. Customers embraced the "Coffee House" concept, frequenting the establishment to sample Specialty Drinks, and to purchase gourmet coffee in bulk This warm reception along with undeniable success lead Earl, David, and Stan Neighbors to pursue the next level...franchising.

The rest of the Java Dave's story can be found on their website
Store Mgr. Elena Alexander says "Our motto is"We bring coffee to life" and we do that by serving great coffee, in a lo-key, relaxed atmosphere, and having caring employees like Amy Holt, she greets you with a warm cup and a big smile every morning.
When in Tulsa stop by Java Dave's at 6239 E. 15th St, Phone:'ll be glad you did.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Cafe Britt

2lb Espresso Whole Bean

Espresso Cafe Britt is a globally recognized leader within the specialty coffee industry and one of the only coffee companies in the world with the ability to monitor and account for every step in the coffee producing process.

We can track a bag of coffee right to the farm where it was harvested. We work hand in hand with small growers to implement sustainable, fair trade practices. As a country-of-origin roaster, we harvest only 100 SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) grown at altitudes above 1,300 meters above sea level. We hand-pick, sun dry and roast in small batches only the choicest beans and ship them fresh right from our plantations. And we are fully committed to quality.

Cafe Britt certifications in ISO 9000 Quality, ISO 14000 Environmental, Organic and BASC standards, allow us to constantly monitor and improve our services and products, thus assuring 100 satisfaction. See tasting chart and compare premium Costa Rican coffees.

Cafe Britt sweepstakes

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

$10 Off Starbucks Coffee and Truffles

Save an additional $10 today when you buy two or more eligible Starbucks products sold by Use the following promotional code when you check out: SBUXCFNC.

Click link for more details.Offer valid through March 31, 2009.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Costa Rica Shade Grown Organic

FREE shipping on 6 or more bags.
• 100% Arabica SHB (Strictly Hard Bean)
• All natural, no preservatives.
• We follow Fair Trade practices.
Kosher certified.
• Weight: 12 ounces (340 grams).

Costa Rica Shade Grown Organic :

Fill your senses with earthy pleasure! Café Britt’s Organic rich flavor hints of apple and laurel, its aroma of freshly tilled soil. This coffee lingers on the palate and stays on the mind. Café Britt has been cultivating and processing certified organic coffee since 1991.

Dark roasted, Café Britt Organic is harvested from plantations that use 100% organic materials to improve and fertilize the soil. In this way, soil quality is ensured, and ground water protected. The coffee bushes flourish under the shady embrace of native tree species, which increases the plantation’s biodiversity by attracting migrating birds and other animals.

This makes for long-term sustainability of the region’s agro-ecosystem.

For more info or to purchase click on picture above.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Coffee Shop Profile

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Finally! Experience a great cup of coffee on the interstate!

Pilot Travel Centers, LLC, the largest independent travel center operator in America, has dramatically improved the interstate coffee experience by introducing two new premium blends: 100% Colombian Coffee and 100% Arabica Dark Roast Coffee.
"This kind of high quality coffee previously was found only in specialty outlets," said Ken Parent, Pilot's senior vice president of operations. "We have invested many hours in research and development to find the best coffee and the best program to offer our customers."

The 100 percent Colombian specialty coffee is the perfect choice for those seeking the smoothest cup of coffee. Only top quality will be present in the blend of beans used for this kind of Pilot coffee.
One hundred percent Arabica Dark Roast Coffee will feature certified Arabica beans, which are grown at high altitudes and deliver a powerful, richer, more flavorful coffee. "It's the right choice for customers seeking a bold taste from their coffee," Parent said. "These beans are known to be exotic and sophisticated."

"We will ensure that coffee is brewed every 60 minutes, guaranteeing all Pilot customers fresh hot coffee," Parent said. Pilot is promoting the new coffee with the slogan "Good to Go." "This is the perfect slogan for our coffee," Parent said. "The word 'good' denotes quality and the focus on the word 'go' indicates speed, which is extremely valuable to our customers."

This is from a press release issued by the company.

We would like to thank AABC member Mike Semones for this entry, Mike says "When traveling, Pilot Travel Centers has very good coffee. Consistant no matter where you stop "!!



Monday, March 2, 2009

Take A Look At This...

The following information is from the Boca Java Website:

Boca Java was founded out of the simple pursuit of the perfect cup of gourmet coffee.
It starts with our innovative roast-to-order process. Coffee is considered “Roaster Fresh” for approximately 45 days after roasting. To ensure you get the best cup of coffee, we don’t start roasting until you order. We also label each bag with the date your coffee was roasted on or “born”. Each bag has a certificate showing when the coffee was “born”.

These people seem serious about their coffee!!
There is a coupon link below that takes you to the website and as always your feedback is welcome

Click here for a 20% off coupon on your order with Boca Java.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Coffee Shop Profile




MUDD PUDDLE CAFE come for a hot or cold beverage, bring the kids 4 a fruity frozen granita and head to the park or walking trails.

A special thanks to AABC group member: Eric Tanner for introducing us to another special part of the coffee world...looks like a really neat place.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Take A Look At This...

I am going to be looking for new and different places for us to get coffee and or coffee related items. These may not always be recomendations but it's nice to have options.
Periodically I will notify you my findings and post links so you can check them out, here is the first:
"Coffee for Less" It has a little bit of everything and I thought you might want to take a look and give feedback if you like.
If you wish to make a purchase I found a discount coupon that can be used, just click on the link to get to the site and use the code CFL when you checkout.
5% off Coupon Code: CFL

I'll continue to keep my eyes open.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Michaele Weissman's 10 Ways to Judge a Cup of Coffee:

1. The Scent Our sense of smell is much more sensitive than our sense of taste. Anyone who has been captivated by the smell of coffee won't be surprised to learn that coffee releases more aromatic compounds than any other food. These should be pleasing aromas, but bad coffee may include onion-y and vegetable-y elements in its scent.

2. The First SipTry tasting each new coffee black. Nothing is wrong with milk and sugar, but they alter the taste and texture of the coffee. So, when learning about coffee, it's a good idea to take a few pure sips. Also, let it cool slightly to make the range of flavors in the cup more accessible.

3. Sweetness and SaltinessLook for an underlying natural sweetness. That taste comes from the ripeness of the coffee cherry. Professional tasters rank sweetness as the most important taste characteristic of high-grade coffee. Coffee should never taste salty. Saltiness is caused by processing defects.

4. AcidityTaste for a bright, light acidity that is pleasing. This is not to be confused with the stomach-churning acidity that you get, say, from coffee that has been sitting on an office hotplate for four hours.

5. TextureA nice texture for coffee has a little thickness. It's not thin and watery. The last taste you experience with good coffee should be smooth, and there should be a pleasing, sweet aftertaste.

6. Fruits and VegetablesFinding words to describe the interplay of what our taste buds detect (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and savory) isn't easy. Many of the world's most prized coffees, such as those from Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia, abound in flavors that are described as bright, lemony, orangey, berry-like, and floral. When the fruity flavors go bad, however, they can degenerate into vegetable tastes. Not so good. Who wants sautéed onions or steamed cauliflower in their coffee cup?

7. SpicesExotic flavors that are spicy (think cinnamon and cloves), smoky, and woodsy can be desirable. Such tastes often appear in Indonesian coffees. In excess, they can be unpleasant.

8. Natural SugarChocolaty, caramel-like, nutty, and toasty flavors come from the sugar browning that occurs during roasting. Latin American coffees at their best have lots of these yummy, warm, sweet notes. In lower quality coffees from Latin America (like some of the national brands you buy at the supermarket), this sugar browning can produce the sense of swallowing a mouthful of dry, bitter grain.

9. The RoastRoasting can be light, medium, dark, or very dark. If you detect a burnt quality in a coffee, it may be a bad roast. In the U.S. there are regional differences in roasting. Companies from the Pacific Northwest tend toward darker roasts.

10. Espresso Notes-Espresso is made from a blend of coffees brewed under great pressure, using a large amount of coffee and a small amount of water. Espresso is dense and intense and can stand up to other flavorings. High quality espresso has just as complex a flavor range as brewed coffee. If you order an espresso in a café, the layer of reddish brown foam on the top, called the crema, should be thick and creamy, and you should be able to push it away from you with the back of a spoon. If you order a cappuccino, the milk foam should be thick, creamy, and sweet.

Tip: Knowing where your coffee comes from can help you pick one that will taste great to you. Latin American coffees tend to be chocolaty and mild. Coffees from east Africa tend to have a wake-up-your-mouth kind of perkiness that coffee pros call brightness. Coffees from Indonesia tend to be earthy, dark, and more intense.

To learn more or to get the book click on the above picture of the book.



Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ooooo....Godiva Coffee

Fresh Brewed Indulgence: Now Available for your Senseo® Coffee System.
There's no better way to catch up with friends than over a cup of fresh, gourmet coffee.
The Senseo Coffee Pod System lets you indulge in individual servings every day, at the press of a button. And now Godiva, the world's premier chocolatier, has partnered with Senseo to make your coffee moments even sweeter.
Be among the first to savor two luxuriously decadent new flavors-Chocolate Crème Coffee and Crème Brulee Coffee.Blending the richness of 100% premium Arabica coffee beans with the exquisite gourmet quality of Godiva chocolates, both flavors are bold, sweet, smooth, and irresistibly delicious.
I don't know about you but this is too much on the banner above to find out more.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Coffee Of The Week

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Product Features:

  • Size: [1 lb]

  • Refined taste,unusual sweetness, excellent body and an intense bold aroma

  • Wallenford Estate Grade #1 -- Cream of the crop!

  • Freshly roasted and vacuum packaged per your order

  • 100% Certified by the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board

  • Certificate shipped with all orders

Product Description:

Jamaica Blue Mountain "Wallenford Estate" has been satisfying coffee connoisseurs around the globe for more than two centuries and is famous for its exquisite flavor, balanced acidity, a clean refined taste, unusual sweetness, excellent body and intense bold aroma. Simply Amazing!

For more information or to get some for yourself, click the product picture above.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Coffee Brewing Secrets (DVD)

Product Description:

Can you really make your coffee at home rival the world s best cafes?

Yes, according to coffee author Kevin Sinnott and eight coffee industry experts. Each of them brews one perfect pot of coffee, each using their own favorite method. Each demonstration features on-screen measurements.

All other aspects of brewing from water, to grinding, storage and how experts taste and evaluate their cups are discussed. The video is easy enough for novices but thorough enough to challenge coffee hobbyists.

About the Actor:

Kevin Sinnott is a nationally recognized coffee expert. He talked coffee with Oprah Winfrey on national television, been featured in USA Today, The Chicago Tribune and other national publications, and discussed coffee and coffee brewing methods on 20/20, The TV Food Network. and countless radio talk shows.

In 1995, he created The Coffee Companion, the first-ever consumer publication dedicated to finding and brewing the world's best coffee.

The Coffee Companion offered his unique blend of wit and passion in methodical, objective reviews of coffee brewers and related equipment. Brewer manufacturers looked forward to his honest reviews and media outlets sought his straightforward expertise. Sinnott owns more than one hundred coffee brewers.
To get more information or to purchase click on picture.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Coffee Of The Week

  • 100% Kona coffee, medium roast, whole bean 16oz

  • Named New & Innovative Product at the worlds largest gourmet food show: SIAL Paris

  • 2004 Hawaii Governor's Export Award Winner

  • From a 3rd generation coffee family

  • As featured on the Food & Wine Radio Network

Product Description:

For years, visitors to Hawaii have been bringing a taste of Hawaii home with them in the form of 100% Kona coffee. Now you can have it shipped direct to you from Kona. The unique environment of the tiny Kona Coffee Belt, only about 2 miles by 15 miles, creates the ideal growing conditions for premium quality coffee beans. Coffee trees flourish on the Konas volcanic slopes under warm morning sunshine and afternoon cloud cover.

Individually hand-picking the coffee cherries at the peak of ripenes, our coffee is processed and then sun-dried to bring out its characteristic flavor. The final step is micro-roasting at the farm in small batches, helping to ensure the freshness of each and every bag of Hawaii Roasters 100% Kona coffee.

For more information or to try some yourself, click on the picture.


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