Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pure Vida Coffee

Sumatra, Ethiopia and Colombia Whole Bean Coffees. Fair Trade Certified; Certified Organic; Shade Grown. The origin of Pura Vida Coffee goes back more than a decade to a small coffee shop where we first dreamed of using business as a means to help at-risk children. And because Pura Vida specializes in Fair Trade organic coffee, you help farmers sustain their families and protect the environment with every cup you drink.

When you buy Pura Vida, you get more than a great cup of coffee. After searching the world for our premium beans, we carefully roast our Fair Trade coffee in small batches for unsurpassed flavor and fullness. We know and work directly with the farmers who grow our beans, and select only their best. Enjoy this special coffee and please share it with a friend!

Pura Vida Whole Bean Coffee, Variety Pack of 3 (Sumatra, Ethiopia, and Colombia), 12-Ounce Bags

Click the link above to enjoy some today!


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