Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Lunch Experience

This is a little abnormal for this blog but I just had the best lunch experience I think ever.
The restaurant is called"Spanky's Diner", yes after the little rascal of the same name, and I'm telling you the food and service were outstanding.

The portions were huge as were the smiles, my waitress/entertainment Denise was wonderful, so lively and attentive...did I mention funny, but then "that's just how she rolls", smile.

I had people coming over to the table with her telling jokes and April Fool pranks that had been pulled,one of the owners, Heather, came out to meet me, it was great. The atmosphere was warm, the dining area was clean and welcoming...oh by the way did I mention how good the food

I took the liberty of sharing some pictures..I hope you enjoy them but you really have to experience this for your self. Next time you're in this area, stop by, you'll be glad you did.

Spanky's Diner
219 South Main Street
Broken Arrow,Ok

PS: The coffee was pretty good too...

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